7 Secret Benefits of Yoga

yoga warrior pose

I admit it. I was a yoga skeptic. Having heard from others how great it is, my own limited experience  of yoga was that it was slow, boring, and painful.

After years of chronic back pain, however, I finally bit the bullet and tried yoga again as a means of being pain-free. After two months of yoga I am here to declare that I am (I think) a convert. Not only does my back feel much better, I am beginning to benefit by yoga in some unexpected ways.

Why didn’t  anyone tell me that yoga would :

1. Help me to sleep better and to wake up less stiff.

2. Assist  me in tolerating  physical discomfort. (Sometimes I can even “enter into” the discomfort and transcend it).

3. Encourage me to learn to stay in the present moment.

4. Teach me to relax deeply.

5. Foster a generalized sense of well-being.

6. Lead me into deeper respect for my body with a concomitant desire to take care of it.

7. Teach me to monitor improvement by noting my own progress instead of comparing myself to others.